WordPress Flaws and Vulnerabilities

WP Rollback, a Too Permissive Plugin

June 28, 2015 0 comments

In date of 26th june 2015, i doscovered the plugin WP Rollback. This plugin allow you to install an older version of one of your plugins from the official repository. Since i wanted to use this plugin, i had to check its security. Remember that if i don’t do that, then i have to remember that installing a plugin is like include […]

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Secure WordPress

Add SVG Support in WordPress Medias, Yes But No!

June 17, 2015 1 comment

I recently noticed an urge to add support SVG files in the WordPress media. Beautiful, very good idea, SVG is a very good format for the web and the performance for your site. The way to add the support is simple and fast, here are two bad examples: http://wpchannel.com/autoriser-envoi-fichiers-svg-wordpress/ (fr) http://wpsnipp.com/index.php/functions-php/add-support-svg-inside-wordpress-media-uploader/ We must begin by asking why […]

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WordPress Flaws and Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability in WooCommerce 2.3.10 : Object Injection

June 11, 2015 0 comments

WooCommerce 2.3.10 Yesderday, 10th,  june 2015, WooCommerce has been patched from a vulnerability called “Object Injection“. We already seen this flaw in WordPress < 3.6.1 but here with a very high risk level, un WP from whom it was almost a null risk. The risk does not depend on the fault itself, but several criteria assessed and calculated […]

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“My Password is Strong!” Really?

May 15, 2015 0 comments

Passwords, these sesames giving access to all your data almost. When will we need a password to read your mind? Whether your mailbox, your credit card, your phone, your bank account, even your car, passwords are everywhere. The human being is intelligent, and for that, he tries to be lazy in order to save time […]

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WordPress Files

Don’t Help Pirates and Do Not Create index.php!

November 25, 2014 0 comments

In the same branch as Don’t help pirates and stop include all!, here comes a second one which is a following of the reflexion but with files. Which index? I’m talking about file containing the most of the time, either nothing, either a “Silence is golden”, even i’m talking about the plugin with the same name Silence is Golden Guard. […]

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