SecuPress Price Changes + More Plans = More Accessible!

Blog SecuPress SecuPress Price Changes + More Plans = More Accessible!

SecuPress Pro prices are changing today. It’s important to understand the why and also if you’re already a customer what will change for you.

New Plans

Before today september, 14th  2017 SecuPress Pro was available through only 4 yearly plans:

  • 1 site for $59
  • 3 sites for $149
  • 10 sites for $289
  • Unlimited sites for $479

The problem was that if you manage 11 sites, you’ll have to get an unlimited licence for $479 (or $43,45 per site). Not a very good deal, it’s about -26%, just like a coupon code…

This leads to a non accessible plugin and since the goal of SecuPress if to make a maximum of people have a secure website, this was not acceptable anymore.

Since today, SecuPress has about 20 plans, yes, twenty plans from 1 site to 500 sites + unlimited (available on upgrade only).

You can now pay only for what you need, got 11 sites? Only pay for 15 max. Got 99 sites? Pay for 100 and not unlimited ! You can get SecuPress on 500 websites for $1 per site per year and this is a serious good deal.

New Design

I’m testing this first try of new page design: the slider.

Because having 4 blocks to display is fine but not with 20, so I decided to add a slider, you can adjust you need, the price per site will be updated live.

Then I’ll show you how much a licence cost per website. I think it can help you to decide more easily.

Another difference is about the multisite compatibility. Actually any licence can handle a multisite installation, now, you’ll have to subscribe to a 10 sites licence at least, the 1 and 5 sites are not multisite supported anymore.

The idea behind that is that if when someone runs a multisite they have more than 10 sites so the price should be raised up, we did it this way. The terms and conditions has been updated to reflect this change. You can still use a 1 site licence on a multisite installation, but we don’t give support that since you don’t support the full price.

Cheaper or More Expensive?

Well, both. The 1 site licence is still the same price ($59) because we really think if fits the actual value of the plugin when you only want one.

Old 3 and 10 sites plans are cheaper now. The only one who’s more expensive is the unlimited, from $479 to $599. But since you’re upgrading and you only pay the difference, you will never have to spend $599 in one shot. And you’ll need it if you have more than 500 sites to manage. Remember, 500 sites only cost $500, $1 per site!

But What If…?

Ok I know. You are already a client, and you have some questions about your future payments.

  1. You paid $479 for unlimited licence, no worry, you won’t be charge more, you will still have the unlimited licence for $479 every year!
  2. You paid $149 for 3 sites: Your account will receive 12 more sites!
  3. You paid $289 for 10 sites: Your account will receive 40 more sites!

We will adjust the websites with your actual payment.

If you prefer to downgrade your licence, you’ll have to cancel your actual subscription and buy a new one (you API key will change). I’m sorry for this, it’s not possible to downgrade in another way yet.


Yes, the unlimited licence is still available but only from an upgrade. Since you can now buy 500 websites at first, you’ll have enough time to upgrade later.


Check our new pricing page right now and give us your thoughts in the comments below, thank you.