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Features SecuPress Free
Site Health Scanner Yes Yes
Export of the Site Health Report in PDF Yes Yes
Move the Login Page Yes Yes
Limit Login Attempts Yes Yes
Hide Login Errors Yes Yes
Homemade Captcha (not Google) Yes Yes
Force a Correct Username and Password Yes Yes
Forbid the Listing of Accounts Yes Yes
Lock Sensitive WordPress Settings Yes Yes
Forbid .zip Upload for Themes and Plugins Yes Yes
Force WordPress Updates Yes Yes
Add Security Constants in wp-config.php file (7) Yes Yes
Securing Wordpress Security Keys Yes Yes
Lightweight and Powerful Anti Spam Yes Yes
Anti Usurpation in Comments Yes Yes
Hide PHP / WordPress / WooCommerce / WPML Versions Yes Yes
Hide the PHP Easter Egg Yes Yes
Forbid the Display of the Contents of the Folders (Dir. Listing) Yes Yes
Forbid Access to Sensitive WordPress Core Files Yes Yes
Forbid 404 Errors on .php Files Yes Yes
Block Bad Robots (Black Hole) Yes Yes
Block Visits From Bad User-agents Yes Yes
Block XML-RPC Protocol Yes Yes
Block Bots Pretending to be Search Engines Yes Yes
Block Visits With Bad Query Methods Yes Yes
Block Visits With Bad Content (BBQ) Yes Yes
Log Critical User Actions Yes Yes
Double Factor Authentication (2FA) Yes No
Homemade Powerful Malware File Scanner Yes No
Content Injection Scanner Into Your Articles and Pages Yes No
Detection of known Vulnerable Extensions and Themes Yes No
Banning IP Addresses Yes No
Block Countries by IP Geolocation Yes No
Block Visits From Bad Referrers Yes No
Email and Slack Notifications Yes No
Event Alerts on your Site Yes No
Daily Actions Report Yes No
Anti Hotlinking Yes No
Anti 404 Guessing Yes No
Database and File Backups Yes No
Control of Account Sessions Yes No
Passwords Lifespan Yes No
Force a Correct Username and Password Yes No
Forbid the Creation of Accounts Yes No
Fine Management of Actions on Themes and Plugins Yes No
Choose a custom Database Prefix Yes No
Protection of the Upload Folder Yes No
Scanner Schedules and Backups Yes No
White Label Yes No
Priority Support Yes No

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