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21douze avatar

21douze (fr) — September 2017

SecuPress is for me the most effective WordPress security plugin for both general terms and speed of support, not to mention listening to users, it's more than a plugin, it's a way to see WordPress security . — Julio Potier avatar (fr) — March 2017

I can only advise you to turn to SecuPress. This freemium plugin will find thanks to your eyes. — Valentin B. avatar (fr) — October 2016

With SecuPress we feel the rising power of our protection, we start from a caleche to finish in an armored tank. — Maxime B.-J. avatar (fr) — November 2016

SecuPress is a good security plugin for WordPress, it is really very powerful. — Laurent M. avatar (fr) — October 2016

SecuPress addresses all the security aspects of your WordPress installation and comes face-to-face with other industry heavyweights. — Vincent avatar (fr) — November 2016

SecuPress will become a must in the field, it is very simple to setup and allows all the features required for security. — Chris Lyan avatar (fr) — May 2017

Previously I used a classic security plugin and then I discovered SecuPress. I quickly switched from the free version to the pro version. — Steeve B. avatar (fr) — March 2017

To improve the security of its site on WordPress, Secupress is in my opinion one of the best solution currently available. — Régis L.

Create & Code avatar

Create & Code (en) — April 2017

If you want the unique features, you pretty much need to pony up the SecuPress Pro version. — Colin Newcomer

WinningWP avatar

WinningWP (en) — May 2017

SecuPress' main selling point is the powerful Scanner which scans your website for security vulnerabilities in six key areas. — Shaun Quarton

WP all club avatar

WP all club (en) — May 2017

If you have any security issues on your site, you can get that resolved by contacting the SecuPress specialists via live chat and email. — Editorial Team

SitePoint avatar

SitePoint (en) — May 2017

SecuPress is a highly-rated plugin that cover a range of security features, rather than one-trick-wonders. — Adrian try

DoubleMesh avatar

DoubleMesh (en) — June 2017

It is necessary to have security for WordPress website. The security plugins mentioned above will help you with that. — dmkirush

ThuThuatVIP avatar

ThuThuatVIP (vi) — June 2017

SecuPress has a pretty user-friendly interface with step by step steps for complete configuration to enhance the security of WordPress. — Tien Dung

Center Klik avatar

Center Klik (id) — September 2017

SecuPress implements the security of high-level WordPress sites and implements all necessary security measures so that your WordPress site is completely secure. — John Mamad

Mickael Maury avatar

Mickael Maury (fr) — November 2017

If you want to ensure the proper functioning and good reputation of your site, ... the expense of SecuPress is to consider. — Mickael Maury

WP MyWeb avatar

WP MyWeb (en) — June 2018

Using SecuPress you can run a security audit of your WordPress site and the plugin can fix the issues for you. — Jyoti Prakash Ray

Web and SEO avatar

Web and SEO (fr) — December 2018

The best security plugin: simple, complete and effective. Firewall, anti-intrusion, anti-virus, backup, data protection, security alerts ... — Maximilen Labadie

Online Super Helden avatar

Online Super Helden (de) — January 2021

The great strength of SecuPress lies in its ease of use. — Marcell Sarközy


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SecuPress Story.

SecuPress has been released on August 2016 as a freemium plugin on the official WordPress repository. On september the pro version was released on SecuPress is a long coding plugin, it's in Julio Potier's mind since 2013 and he developed WP Rocket with WP Media where he was co-founder from 2013 to may 2017. 18 months of development with his ex-colleague and still friend Grégory Viguier, the plugin was ready to have its own place on top of the shelf and on top of the fireplace at xmas. SecuPress has learned a lot since years, and we are proud to give one of the best WordPress Security Plugin.

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