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Why You Shouldn’t Even Try Once A “nulled” SecuPress plugin?

A free version of a paid plugin isn’t a real free. Oftentimes, people releasing “nulled” versions of a paid plugin add their own crap code into it, the goal is to add SEO links so they win free backlinks, they redirect your visitors on their pages, or worse, it can contains a PHP backdoor, and now your website is infected. Don’t take the risk to be “red paged” by Google because of this links and redirections are done on malicious website like spams or phishing.

So, downloading a paid plugin for free, are you really the winner?

Of Course, Customer Services Matters A Lot

By purchasing a SecuPress Pro licence, you get more than a WordPress Security Plugin. We are web security experts and we are dedicated to every user, free or pro and when it comes to improve WordPress security, we’re here!

Also we have a public roadmap that allows you, our users, to have the possibility to ask us some features and compatibility stuff. We listen everyone, it’s very important for us to do that, because you are the ones using it.

Finally, we constantly update SecuPress, both Free and Pro versions to make sure there are no security issues, still having a good UX, UI, and still making your website awesome and secure.

Since you’re reading that now, here comes one: BIENVENUE5 😉