Welcome to Arno and Ezio

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Last August, our bald eagle was named Ezio, we quickly tweeted it, but this eagle has to have a partner, which is done now with Arno.

Ezio is a greek name coming from “Aetius” which means “Eagle”. Also Ezio is a short name, easy to pronounce in any country, easy to remember.

Ezio has been designed by Matthieu Bousendorfer.

Arno & Ezio

Based on the revolutionary Wapuu, Arno is a partner for Ezio. Arno & Ezio as been designed by Julio Potier, it’s more “modification” than a full “design” but hey, it works!

Arno comes from the german name “Arnold” and “arn old” means “ancien eagle”.

Our buddies have an eagle name, what else do they need!

Arno will have to bring Ezio at WordCamps and Meetups now!

And if you meet Julio Potier during any event, ask him for a sticker or magnet of our buddies!

What do you think about our buddies?