Currency Selection Has Arrived!

Blog SecuPress Currency Selection Has Arrived!

Since we mostly sell SecuPress in Euros and since some users or future users were asking why – as a french company – we do not permit to buy in Euros, we decided to change that. Spoiler: nothing is changing for you if you’re already a Pro user.

How It Started

All started on last October, 31st 2017 from my friend Thierry, he said:

“Or the approach of those who sell in dollars while they are in France and requires you to have currency fees ;)”

Well, that’s true Thierry, and his friend Jason added:

“Personally I do not understand why not make a multi-currency store. Many sites do it. And you forget that for a lot of professionals it leads to costs and complications. Bank charges then counted more complicated. If WooCommerce is problematic, it is that it is not the right tool. You do what you want. Personally this is one of the reasons that will not make me renew SecuPress and WP Rocket this year.”

That’s also right, we just didn’t think about that, we didn’t try to do it. We’re using Easy Digital Downloads and this is possible to offer a multi-currency purchase experience to everyone (well, it’s also available for WooCommerce) using a $80 plugin.

Don’t forget that SecuPress was a former WP Media plugin, and since WP Rocket was selling only (and still) in US Dollars, we just did the same for SecuPress, without thinking more. We should have!

Test, test, test

So, I’ve decided to test a solution, Aelia, I bought it instantly (5mn to find this solution, thank you Google) and the first try was done in a few hours:

“Well, we can say it works :)”

A few days later, the dev was done on my local version:

How Many Currencies? Why so many currencies? Why not more?

Since today, now you have the possibility to purchase SecuPress in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs.

Some stats

  • 2 sells on 3 are made in Europe
  • 1 sell on 2 is made in France
  • Rest is done in order by US, UK, Canada and Swiss.
  • And then some random sells done in the world (MQ, ZA, ID…).

By proposing the Top 5 Currencies, this should please a lot of people. We don’t mind to lead more with that, maybe this won’t change anything, we didn’t do it for the leads, but for the sake of people, we care about people, we listen, we do.


Before today, Dec. 8th 2017, the default currency was USD. Price was $59 per one site (50€). Now, the default currency is EUR, price is … 50€, it’s still $59! Nothing had change for you. All previous purchases will be renewed at the price at the date you bought it.


Dollars US

Sterling Pounds

Dollars CA

Franc Suisse


If you purchased it in USD and want to switch to EUR, you’ll have to cancel your subscription and buy a new copy of the plugin, there is no technical way to change the currency AFTER purchase, sorry for that!

Ready to switch in your currency now? Go check that pricing page!