Security Terminology

Brute Force

A brute force attack is a  cryptanalytic method that allow to find any password. The goal is to test all the possibilities one by one. This method is considered almost of the time to be the best because it can break any password if we don’t track time because the longer the password is, the longer it […]

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WordPress Exploit

A WordPress Exploit means “to use something to one’s own advantage”, it is a piece of code or commands that can take advantage of a vulnerability to cause unintended behavior on your website like gaining control of it, allowing privilege escalation, or a denial-of-service (DoS or related DDoS) attack.

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SQL Injection

SQL injection attack is an insertion of a SQL content in a query using the client input data of a web application. If the exploit is done, the SQL injection can read data from the database or modify database data and even execute administration operations on the database.

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Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall also knew as a WAF is an firewall only for HTTP applications. It sets rules to all HTTP requests. These rules cover common attacks such as XSS attack and SQL injection.

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A vulnerability is a weakness. This weakness allows someone to reduce a system’s information assurance. A vulnerability is the intersection of 3 elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, an attacker access to the flaw, an attacker capability to exploit the flaw.

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