Hello World GPL.

Since there is no way ton contact you on your contact page (no form, no mail, just a foreign phone), and nothing on your copyright page (you say “email us” but dont provide any email address), I have to fool you with this page.

Now you’re here, listen carefully.

You are selling SecuPress PRO here : https://worldgpl.com/product/secupress-pro/

The plugin is under GPL licence, ok, but you are using my trademark and logo without my consent, so you have to remove any “secupress” mention and my logo.

This is not under GPL.

Also, the .css and .js files are not under GPL when using a WordPress product, only  .php files, and you are selling them, this is forbidden because under author copyright.

I’m Julio Potier, owner of SecuPress plugin, SecuPress domain name, SecuPress trademark.

My address:

26 rue Montgolfier

62510 Arques, France

tel : +00767730410

mail : juliobosk@gmail.com and contact@secupress.me or support@secupress.me

I let you until 1st september to remove everything that’s under copyright, then your website will be down by law and action against you (personnaly).

Now you know. have a good day.