What does SecuPress do, exactly?

SecuPress is an extension for WordPress sites which enables better securisation and simplicity of use.

SecuPress will initially offer to scan your site, looking for flaws and possible improvements. Then a report will detail the results of each test and automatically propose to apply solutions. The majority of these criteria can be secured with one-click, some require you to make a choice, and a very few of them will ask for your manual intervention by following our documentation.

Additional security modules are then available to round off certain items according to your needs.

What makes SecuPress better than any other security plugin?

SecuPress incorporates many of the most awaited security features: Anti spam, Double authentication.

Besides being very complete, SecuPress is also very simple to use for the beginners.

You don’t need to be an experienced technician to use and configure our plugin.

We have our own security alarm on our servers which supplies daily data about the most recent vulnerable plugins and themes. This allows you to always be alerted and secured.

For how many sites is my license valid?

Choosing the number of sites on which you want to use SecuPress, is the first step to purchase the plugin: they can be either 1, 3, 10, or an unlimited number of websites, according to your needs. The 1 site licence can be activated on one single site, and so on.

Do the SecuPress licenses work through a subscription plan?

Yes, our licenses are renewed as soon as they reach their expiration date. You won’t have to worry about whether the pro features will still be available, there won’t be any possible payment oversight.

Is it possible to switch from one plan to another or to unsubscribe ?

Of course, you can upgrade to a superior plan at anytime, with a pro-rated payment.

You can also unsubscribe whenever you want. Send us an email to contact@secupress.me and we will quickly process the unsubscription. No refund is allowed once the payment has been done.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept secure payment systems like Stripe and Paypal, which allow all kind of payments: debit cards and direct payment via Paypal.

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